Postgresql is a free & open source relational database system created in 1986 as part of a project called POSTGRES at the University of California at Berkeley. It has many features and essentially enables you to organize data into tables that can be connected via different types of relationships (one-to-many, many-to-many, polymorphic…).

As I’ve become quite comfortable navigating these databases through an app like Postico, I wanted to share my experience in traversing databases through the command line. …

Implementing a mail system in your Rails application has been made into a simple task using Action Mailer. Getting a mailer working in production only takes a few tweaks, and you could have the functionality working quickly. I had a bit of trouble recently getting one of my applications working in production with SendGrid, but using Mailgun was extremely simple and was working within minutes.


On your Heroku account of the application you wish to use, you will need to go to the configure add-ons section and search for Mailgun. Don’t worry. you won’t need your credit card info to…

MySQL Documentation

See my last article for the repository setup

Using SQLAlchemy (Python SQL Toolkit), I’m going to show how we can connect our Flask application to a MySQL database. In this article I’m not going to go over setting up MySQL on your computer, but there are a lot of great resources online to guide you through the process. This video helped me to get started (I am using macOS). Using pipenv we will need to first install the MySQL client: pipenv install mysqlclient.

Getting started with Flask

Flask Documentation

For this walkthrough I’m using Python3 version 3.8.8 on macOS

Flask is a micro framework created in 2010, written in Python. It is very lightweight, which gives developers the freedom to choose the database they would like to use (if any), ability to pick the libraries they’d like to incorporate and much more.

For this first section, I am going to show the basics on how to set up a Flask CRUD (create, read, update, delete) application. I’m going to install several libraries, set up a virtual environment, and run the server to see the application…

One of the greatest take aways from my time attending the Turing School of Software & Design program is how implementing some small habits can really make a difference in becoming a better learner. It was surprising to find that as I was being challenged more and more, that I was actually retaining more as well. A huge factor of that was not just the technical skills, but also building sustainable habits at the same time. From hand crafting complex encrypting algorithms to developing API’s, I want to share a few tips that I’ve found helpful. …

After spending some time working with Python and discovering a module called xlrd that can open Excel files, I wanted to see if Ruby had an equivalent to add to my repertoire. I should have known there would be an awesome gem to handle it…

Roo — — Works with xls, xml, ods, csv formats

The Roo gem makes it easy to open and work with spreadsheets in Ruby. I was impressed how fast it was to implement and quickly parse through the data I was working with. Using roo & pry gems, we can quickly load in an…

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